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COVID-19 & HOA Assessments
Industry Updates | March 31, 2020
COVID-19 & HOA Assessments

If you’re going to have a hard time paying assessments, be proactive! If you live in Colorado, if you are struggling or if you are out of work, I make the highest recommendation that you call your HOA management company and get on a payment plan as soon as you can! what does a payment plan do? one: it stops…

HOA Collections - Interview of Axela
Assessments, Budget, business, community management, condos, Educational, HOAs, property management, real estate, technology | January 23, 2020
HOA Collections – Interview of Axela

James Phifer:                     The market is asking for a new take on collections. This is not an avocation for this type of collections. My intent here is to bring the information to community associations so they can do research for themselves. Personally, right now our company uses probably 99 percent traditional collections, for our associations. Some of the products coming on…

Assessments, Budget, business, community management, condos, Educational, HOAs | August 30, 2018
WHY THEY ARE IMPORTANT Homeowner Association Assessments (HOA Dues) are used to keep your association running. Just like the money you pay to keep your electricity on, if the association doesn’t receive your assessments then all the funds budgeted won’t be available to keep the association running. What do your assessments cover? Your annual, monthly or quarterly HOA payment will...

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