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HOA Collections - Interview of Axela
Assessments, Budget, business, community management, condos, Educational, HOAs, property management, real estate, technology | January 23, 2020
HOA Collections – Interview of Axela

James Phifer:                     The market is asking for a new take on collections. This is not an avocation for this type of collections. My intent here is to bring the information to community associations so they can do research for themselves. Personally, right now our company uses probably 99 percent traditional collections, for our associations. Some of the products coming on…

Educational, Uncategorized | January 16, 2020
January 16, 2020

James Phifer:                     Hello, everybody, and welcome back. I will tell you what. A lot is going into this new year. This gentleman right here is a vote of congratulations for the purchase of Knott Laboratories. Give us your elevator pitch. Mike Lowe:                         Yeah, elevator pitch. So Knott Laboratory, we’ve been around since 1982, and we’re just here to help you…

Prepaid Assessment Pitfalls - HOA Management
Educational | January 2, 2020
Prepaid Assessment Pitfalls – HOA Management

Prepaid assessments are great! However, be careful how quickly the association spends the income. It is importnat to remember those members won’t be contributing to the funds of the community for another year. Here is a good tip on how to account for the funds so a community doesn’t overspend.