About Us – Community Association Management Professionals

Who We Are

A Management Company Serving Colorado for 40 years

What you need and what you expect from a Management Company is provided by the professionals of ACCU, Inc. We tailor our Homeowner Association Management Services to provide EXACTLY what you need to manage your Condominium, Townhome, or Single-Family Homeowner Association.
ACCU, Inc. keeps your Association up-to-date on Local, State, and Federal Legislation, as well as City and County Code changes affecting your neighborhood and property.

A Respectable Staple in the Industry & in our Communities

Our Community Association Managers have earned high praise for their timely and caring response to homeowners, and Boards of Directors alike. Our Management Team has combined experience of more than 250 years in the industry.

ACCU, Inc. and our Management Team has earned the reputation of being honest and ethical. To ACCU, Inc.’s even greater credit, the Owner and CEO, David Phifer, continues to personally manage Associations. He is aware of the needs and concerns of the ever-changing industry.

Association Management Scaled for Communities of Any Size

ACCU, Inc.’s Management portfolio consists of approximately 100 plus communities throughout Colorado. Our properties range in size from 29 to 1,000 units; consisting of Condominiums, Townhomes, Single-Family communities, and planned unit developments. Community Association Managers are assigned an Assistant to provide seamless service to Homeowners when their Community Manager is on-site in one of their Communities.

Our Accounting Team employs a Vice President of Finance and a staff providing full charge Book Keeping Services.

Your Time Savers and Support Givers

If you need full-scale Management Services complete with on site inspections for CC&R compliance, correspondence, maintenance bid and supervision; we have a program tailored for you. Direct responsibility for each property is assigned to a highly qualified, experienced Community Association Manager who will implement the Association’s Management Plan, in accordance with Policies and Procedures established by the Association. Direct interoffice communication, established policies and procedures based on experience, and qualified personnel are the keys to ACCU, Inc.’s management success record. Consequently, the critical attention to detail is not lost through a time-consuming search for knowledge or answers.



We do what we say we’re going to do. Ownership. Follow-up. Clarity. Initiative.


We welcome change with confidence in the process.


We are admired and respected for our loyalty and commitment to honesty, trust, and transparency.


We celebrate and embrace our differences. We invest in each other because we win as a team. 


We are never satisfied with “OK”. 

Meet the Team

Our Property Managers of Community Associations have earned the highest praise for their timely and caring response to renters, homeowners, and Boards of Directors alike; Our Management team has combined experience of more than 250 years in the Property Management Industry.

ACCU, Inc. and our Management Team has earned the reputation of being honest and reliable. ACCU, Inc.’s Owner and CEO, David Phifer, personally manages Associations, is aware of the needs and concerns of our clients and keeps abreast of the changing Associations.

David Phifer


James Phifer


Karli Phifer

Executive Director of Operations and Finance

Samantha Avila

Executive Director of Administration

Amanda Phifer

Business Manager, Office Manager, Lifestyles Management

Brittney Tyler

Manager of Community Associations

Cheryl-ANn Adams

Manager of Community Associations

Connor Kelly

Manager of Community Associations

Janice Zarifi

Licensed Manager of Community Associations

Josh Walton

Manager of Community Associations

Kami Sharp

Licensed Manager of Community Associations

Melissa Stern

Licensed Manager of Community Associations

Tim Atkins

Manager of Community Associations

Tina McFarlin

Regional Vice President

Yvonne Garcia

Manager of Community Associations

Robert Raak

Financial Controller

Carol Lovato

Accounts Receivable

Jenna Williamson

GL Accountant

Katherine Zamora

GL Accountant

Lorinda Romero

Banking Services

Ruby Dungca

Accounting Admin

Ry Brown

Accounts Payable

Daisy Zamora

Administrative Supervisor

Ana Ramos

Assistant Community Manager

Ashley Shaw

Assistant Manager

Diana Casillas

Front Desk Administrative Assistant

Kaye Ann Verdugo

Administrative Clerk

Lela Sharrow

Administrative Assistant

Marta Yates

Front Desk Administrative Assistant

Pamela Ortegon

Assistant Community Manager



ACCU, Inc. is fortunate to be associated with some of the finest and most effective professionals to assist your community with accomplishing any services requested or required. These professionals include independent vendors, purveyors, suppliers and consultants. Because of these relationships with our vendor partners, ACCU, Inc. receives highest quality service at reasonable costs. Communication is swift and your requests are completed in a timely manner.

These independent professionals provide assistance in the following areas: maintenance, engineering, architecture, construction, restoration, legal, accounting, insurance, and banking.

The professionals who partner ACCU, Inc. are utilized based upon past successful experience combined with their ability to get the job done. ACCU, Inc. is always open to owner recommendations and instructions.

We also recognize the excellent and experienced on-site personnel employed by ACCU, Inc. ACCU, Inc directly employ between 175 to 275 individuals (depending on the time of year) in varying capacities; include resident managers, leasing sales personnel, painters, maintenance, and landscape crews. ACCU, Inc. is capable of doing almost everything in-house. We consider our employees to be knowledgeable professionals, of our association with these individuals the backbone of our company, the main reason for our success, and the most effective people in the business. We work with the BEST and are very proud.