HOA Accounting and Consulting Services

Association Consulting

ACCU, Inc.’s experience allows us to offer these unique and flexible consulting services which can be tailored to fit the needs of your HOA. We know all HOA’s need help now and then so to better serve the different needs of HOA’s, ACCU, Inc. offers two levels of consulting to your HOA. The first is a cafeteria style menu where you may choose help in a specific area; meetings, inspections, Rules and Regulations, budgeting and accounting. When you select one of these areas, our Consultant will work closely with the Board of Directors to maximize the benefits of our experience. The payments for the cafeteria style may be spread out over three months to allow the Boards financial flexibility. Below is an outline of the consulting services offered. You may combine individual services together to obtain the level of service your association needs.

Our comprehensive program which incorporates all the items below is set up with a hard hitting 6 months. In this time frame, your consultant will attend Board of Directors meetings; make inspections of the property for common areas and amenities as well as Architectural and Covenant control. The Consultant will also review your Rules and Regulations and Design Guidelines to assure they coincide with your Governing Documents and State law. Your HOA doesn’t have them? ACCU, Inc. can help you produce a set of Rules and Regulations which are understood by the residents and enforceable by the Board. The Consultant will help prepare bid specifications, review work completed by outside contractors and work with your insurance company should there be a claim during the term of the contract. Your Consultant will look at the HOA Delinquency Policy and make recommendations on its effectiveness. They will review your budget along with the income and expenditures and make recommendations. We can even help with your budget preparations and the Budget Ratification meeting. Your Consultant will review your Agendas, Minutes and Newsletter to assure those documents are relaying the information the homeowners need from their Board of Directors.

After the initial 6 month period we won’t just leave – you will be able to contact your Consultant anytime with questions for the next 6 months. No matter the time frame of the initial 6 month period, your Consultant will attend your Annual Meeting or any other Members Meeting and work with you to produce a budget. If there is an insurance claim during the initial period, we will be there to help you through its completion.

At ACCU, Inc. we understand HOA’s need help, but often do not know where to look. Attorneys are an expensive way to give your HOA a check up and other management companies want you to sign up for total management. That is where our programs fit in! We will work with your HOA as a partner to keep it moving forward. We will work closely with your Board of Directors, contractors and residents. Understanding the constraints of budgets; we work with your Association for 6 months and spread the payments over 12 months. This way, you can benefit from our experience and stay within budget.

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This includes preparation time in reading 6 months (6 meetings) worth of minutes, discussion with Board members on issues facing the HOA. The Consultant will attend the meeting and interact with the Board and attendees, produce a written report with suggestions for future meetings, prepare a set of minutes and the agenda for the next meeting (no “new business”), and write a newsletter composed from items discussed in the meeting and article submissions from the Board.


Minutes/Agenda/Newsletter Review

Our Consultant will review 6 months of previous meeting minutes, agendas and newsletters to assure communication from the Board of Directors to homeowners as concise and up to date as possible. The Consultant will issue a written report with the findings.



Our Consultant will conduct a physical inspection of your community for non ACC related covenant violations to assess the general condition of the common areas. They will write the covenant violation letters, take phone calls and follow up through the process. The Consultant will issue work orders for maintenance issues using the HOA vendors or ACCU, Inc vendor partners.


Review of ACC Procedures

This is an addition to the Inspections service. The Consultant will review the previous 6 months of ACC submittals and will inspect the community for compliance with the approvals or identify homes that have not received approval. We will then send out letters to and follow the units through the approved process.


Rules & Regulations/Policy & Procedures

Our Consultant will review your Governing Documents including your Rules and Regulations and Policies and Procedures to assure they are clear, enforceable and coincide within the Governing Documents. The Consultant will submit a written report at a Board meeting. Follow up is included in the fee.


Budget Review

Our Consultant will review your current budget and the fiscal needs of your HOA. They will review the previous year’s budget and expenses and make recommendations to the Board. If appropriate, the Consultant will present a draft budget to the Board for review and changes. The Consultant will then schedule a Budget Ratification Meeting and do all the preparation work for the meeting. The Consultant will attend the Meeting to address any questions from your Homeowners.


Association Accounting Services

ACCU, Inc can offer you full accounting as a stand alone service. Our Accounting Department follows Generally Accepted Accounting Principals and Practices which have been adapted to use in Community Association Management Accounting. The service includes; monthly financial reports, delinquent account follow up including letters and attorney liaison, lien filing and Title transfer. ACCU, Inc. maintains a wonderful working relationship with its main banking partner Community Association Bank (Mutual of Omaha CABANC). This relationship assures ACCU, Inc’s clients the best coupon acceptance, no fee banking and great rates for operating and reserve funds along with Certificates of Deposits.