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Trusted HOA Community Management in Lakewood, CO

Welcome to ACCU, Inc., your trusted partner in HOA management company in Lakewood, CO, the fifth most populous city in Colorado. At ACCU, Inc., we take pride in our commitment to overseeing a diverse range of properties, including split-level, ranches, single-family homes, townhouses, cabins, and condos, to help create and streamline HOAs in Lakewood.

Successfully managing a community involves more than just overseeing properties; it’s about fostering well-maintained shared spaces, ensuring access to amenities, and protecting property values. In Lakewood, CO, HOA management requires meticulous planning and attention to detail, qualities that define our approach at ACCU, Inc.

But what sets us apart in HOA community management in Lakewood? We specialize in comprehensive consulting, accounting, construction, and developer services. Through these services, we develop strategic fiscal, physical, and administrative management plans, providing essential training and development opportunities for HOA board members.

A well-curated HOA in Lakewood plays a pivotal role in maintaining high-quality living standards and fostering a sense of community. From overseeing common areas and levying assessments to enforcing rules, our goal is to bring neighborhoods together and achieve financial stability. Join us on the journey to elevate your community living experience with ACCU, Inc.

Community Management for HOAs in Lakewood

What exactly is community management, and why is it crucial for your neighborhood? At ACCU, Inc., a leading Lakewood, CO, community management company, community management is the key to achieving common goals through clear guidelines and expectations. Our mission is to ensure that properties and neighborhoods in Lakewood remain safe and clean while truly feeling like home.

Community management, when executed by HOA management experts like ACCU, Inc., goes beyond mere oversight; it contributes to the prosperity of an area by maintaining essential resources such as playgrounds, parks, pools, trails, and more. Choosing HOA management companies in Lakewood, CO, such as ours, leads to environments that are both financially solvent and harmonious.

Discover the Comprehensive Community Management Services by ACCU, Inc. 

ACCU, Inc. offers a wide range of services to cover all aspects of HOA management in Lakewood, CO. Our full-scale options include on-site inspections, active participation in board meetings, management of internal and external communications, handling tasks the board can't manage alone, managing maintenance bids, and ensuring CC&R compliance.

When you choose ACCU, Inc., a dedicated community manager will be assigned to your area, fostering collaboration and transparency—two values at the core of our success. Our track record is built on effective communication and the meticulous implementation of management plans in accordance with association policies and procedures.

Partnering with ACCU, Inc. means benefiting from 45 years of dedicated service to Colorado, earning us a trusted reputation in HOA Community management in Lakewood. Creating vibrant communities here aligns with our core values of accountability, integrity, innovation, partnership, and quality.

Navigating local zoning laws and property codes is also crucial for management companies in Lakewood, CO, and ACCU, Inc. takes pride in its diligence to adhere to the evolving legal framework governing HOAs. Our team, boasting over 250 years of combined experience, is renowned for its timely and caring responses to homeowners and boards alike. 

Community Management

Our experienced team provides expert guidance in managing your HOA. They handle day-to-day operations, enforce rules and regulations, conduct property inspections, and facilitate effective resident communication.


We offer consulting services to help your HOA make informed decisions and simplify strategic planning for long-term success. Our accounting services include budget preparation, financial reporting, and meticulous record-keeping for transparency and financial stability.

Developer Services

If your community is still under development, we can provide specialized services tailored to the unique needs of the developers. Our team assists with pre-construction planning, document preparation, and implementing effective management practices for a smooth transition to an established HOA.


ACCU Inc. has the expertise to assist with construction projects within your community in Durango. From planning and bidding to overseeing the project, we ensure quality workmanship and adherence to timelines and budgets.

HOA Consulting & Accounting in Lakewood

Association consulting is the cornerstone of ACCU, Inc.'s commitment to meeting your diverse needs, tailored to your unique situation. Our expert staff collaborates with you to identify the services that best suit your property and community size, recognizing that there's no one-size-fits-all solution in Lakewood, CO HOA management.

Why is association consulting crucial? It's about adaptability. ACCU, Inc. goes beyond standard solutions by visiting your site and actively participating in board meetings, guiding you through the options available for your HOA in Lakewood.

Our approach offers flexibility. Choose from our customizable menu of options or opt for our comprehensive six-month all-inclusive package. This rigorous program ensures alignment with your governing documents and state law. Our team actively attends meetings, conducts inspections, reviews rules and regulations, and oversees architectural and covenant control.

Discover the ACCU, Inc. Advantage for Association Consulting

Why entrust ACCU, Inc. with your Lakewood, CO HOA management needs? Our reputation for expertise, personalized attention, in-depth knowledge of the Lakewood area, efficient technological advantages, and unwavering commitment to quality sets us apart.

Hiring ACCU, Inc. as your Lakewood HOA management company comes with added benefits, including payment flexibility. Spread payments and create a tailored package that aligns with your specific requirements.

Ready to elevate your HOA experience? Contact us today for more information and discover how ACCU, Inc. can enhance your association's consulting and accounting.

Choose Excellence by Choosing ACCU, Inc. for Community Management in Lakewood 


Expertise that Speaks Volumes

For over four decades, ACCU, Inc. has set the industry standard for property management in Lakewood, CO. Our enduring reputation is backed by a portfolio boasting hundreds of clients across the Front Range. With an expert team amassing 250 years of combined experience, we bring unparalleled knowledge to every community we serve.

Tailored to Your Needs

Our menu-style service offerings empower you to tailor solutions to your community's unique size and establishment level. Whether you're a Lakewood, CO property management board member, decision-maker, or an association seeking enhancements, we're here to help. Contact us today for a fully customized plan designed to propel you toward your community goals.

Meticulous Attention to Detail

ACCU, Inc. has forged its reputation on meticulous documents and a keen awareness of details. Our HOA resources make us a valuable asset to homeowners in Lakewood, CO. The plans we develop provide communities with peace of mind, ensuring that every “I” is dotted and every “T” is crossed.

Unparalleled Customer Service

For Lakewood HOAs, we offer round-the-clock on-call support for emergencies. Going above and beyond, we collect and respond to resident requests, send group emails and mailings, and keep homeowners informed of any emergencies. Our commitment to excellent customer service sets us apart.

Competitive and Flexible Pricing

Prices vary based on your specifications and community size. Connect with us to discuss the scope of work needed and let us help your community prosper with a robust HOA in Lakewood.

Decades of Experience

Reimagining community management is our forte, backed by 45 years of experience and hundreds of contracts in Colorado. Our streamlined and professional services go beyond what other property management companies in Lakewood, CO offer.

Transparency for Trust

Homeowners should trust their HOA, and that trust is built on transparency. Clear communication and openness ensure your community thrives while maintaining property values.

Finding the Right HOA Management Company in Lakewood: Your Interview Guide

As you search for the right HOA property management partner for your community in Lakewood, it's crucial to conduct a thorough interview. Asking strategic questions ensures that the chosen company fully aligns with and supports the unique needs of your community. Here's a comprehensive set of starting points to guide your interview process:

How long have you been providing community management?

Understanding the depth of experience sets the foundation for a successful partnership. Look for a company with a proven track record and longevity in community management.

What’s the difference between property management and community management?

Distinguish between the roles of property management and community management to ensure that the company aligns with the specific needs and dynamics of your HOA in Lakewood.

What is your experience with HOAs in Lakewood?

Local expertise matters. Explore the company's familiarity with the unique challenges and opportunities presented by the Lakewood community.

What makes Lakewood unique regarding community management?

Delve into the company's understanding of what sets Lakewood apart, ensuring their approach is tailored to the distinctive features of your community.

How involved do you get with disputes?

Conflict resolution is a critical aspect of community management. Inquire about their approach and level of involvement in handling disputes within the community.

How much do you charge?

Understanding the financial commitment is essential. Ensure transparency and clarity on costs to make an informed decision aligned with your budget.

Do you create all the documents we need to develop an HOA in Lakewood?

Evaluate the company's ability to provide comprehensive support, including the creation of essential documents for establishing or updating an HOA.

How much financial advice can you give us?

Assess the level of financial expertise offered. A company that can provide sound financial advice contributes to the long-term success of your HOA.

We are already established but would like consulting on a few things. Do you offer this?

If your HOA is already established, inquire about their consulting services, ensuring they can provide guidance on specific areas of improvement or refinement.

Do you provide education and/or staff training?

Continuous education and staff training contribute to the overall efficiency of community management. Verify if the company offers opportunities for learning and development.

Remember: Asking for and checking references is crucial. This interview process is an investment in creating or updating a successful HOA in Lakewood, ensuring a partnership that proves valuable in the long run.


Sam Sala
Sam Sala
13 April 2023
Carol returned my call quickly and handled my concern quickly and efficiently. She has assisted me before and has always been extremely helpful and professional. Thanks!
lena pogosian
lena pogosian
4 April 2023
Our HOA changed over to this comp. needed help to get pmnts transferred over. I spoke to Daisy Zamora who was extremely pleasant and very helpful. got everything taken care of in minutes. I'm very pleased in how easy this was comparing to the previous comp. we were with.
Amy B
Amy B
8 March 2023
Carol was extremely helpful untangling a mess left by our previous management company. Great patience and strong communication which was greatly appreciated!
Tracine Stine
Tracine Stine
6 March 2023
Carol was very helpful and returned my call within an hour of my message! She got my questions answered in the same call, so we could get my payment plan started for some repairs I had to my condo. Also, Kami and ACCU have all been very helpful in this scary time after my condo was the cause of a serious water leak to the property, and I was panicked. They have worked with me from the beginning and I couldn't be more pleased. Thank you to the team, and Carol was a wonderful extension of that.
Leigh Wilson
Leigh Wilson
27 February 2023
I had a question about a bill. I wrote ACCU. Within 15 minutes Carol Lovato called me with and answer, instead of writing. I was very please with the prompt response!
Michael Watson
Michael Watson
2 February 2023
Carol was exceptionally helpful in determining the cause of an issue from a previous management firm, and worked to correct it with minimal impact. This is the way to start a new relationship with clients/communities.

Contact Us for Excellence in HOA and Community Management

If you're seeking HOA and community management services in Durango, ACCU Inc. is the trusted partner you can rely on. Take advantage of our expertise, customized services, attention to detail, and exceptional customer service. Let us help your association thrive. Contact us today, and let's discuss your specific needs and find out how we can assist you.

  • 1. What is the role of an HOA in Lakewood?

    In Lakewood, CO, HOAs play a crucial role in enhancing communities. They uphold standards set by the board to create a safe environment, provide access to shared resources, and maintain property and home values.

  • 2. What are some common HOA rules and regulations in Lakewood?

    HOA rules in Lakewood vary based on community specifics, size, and building types. With extensive experience, we are well-versed in the most common rules and regulations tailored to your property's size and type.

  • 3. How can an HOA management company help my community in Lakewood?

    Lakewood, CO, property management companies like ACCU, Inc. connect communities, fostering shared values. We excel in maintaining common spaces, facilitating engagement, and upholding guidelines for a positive impact on any community.

  • 4. What differentiates ACCU, Inc. in HOA management from traditional property management?

    ACCU, Inc. stands out with a community-focused approach, resulting in increased engagement, communication, and support for HOAs in Lakewood.

  • 5. What services does ACCU, Inc. offer for HOA management in Lakewood?

    Our comprehensive services cover fiscal, physical, and administrative management, ensuring customization to meet your specific needs.


    Fiscal Management:

    • Budget analysis
    • Collections
    • Individualized accounts
    • Delinquency notices
    • Invoice transparency
    • Financial reporting and audits


    Physical Management:

    • Training
    • Maintenance
    • Supervisory services
    • Data analysis
    • Bids and inspections
    • Association interest
    • Safety and security


    Administrative Management:

    • Contact inspections
    • Board meetings
    • Elections
    • Document filing
    • Newsletter distribution
    • Concern resolution
    • Employment guidelines
    • Rules and regulations
    • Insurance guidance
    • Board representatives
    • Taxes and regulations
    • Board guidance
    • Annual notices
    • 24/7 assistance
    • Technology and software integration
  • 6. What is the role of a community manager for an HOA in Lakewood?

    A designated community manager collaborates with you, building relationships with homeowners. Transparent communication ensures a collaborative relationship while handling community business.

  • 7. How can a community management company benefit my community in Lakewood?

    Community management companies handle tasks the board cannot, resolving disputes, managing billing and documentation, and keeping the community informed, greatly benefiting HOAs in Lakewood.

  • 8. What should I consider when researching HOA, community management, or property management companies in Lakewood, CO?

    Choose a trusted HOA property management with a longstanding reputation, commitment to your neighborhood, and familiarity with Front Range nuances. Look for support in financial management, maintenance coordination, and rule enforcement for a sense of unity among residents.

  • 9. How much do HOA and community management services typically cost in Lakewood?

    Costs vary based on factors, and our menu-style options let you find what works for you. Contact us for help narrowing down priorities or explore a full-scale package for comprehensive support.

Do you have any questions or want further information about our firm or HOA Community management professionals?

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