HOA Property Management Developer Services

Developer Advocate and Transition Specialist for Colorado Homeowner Associations

Since 1979, ACCU, Inc. has been a pivotal participant in new development in Colorado. With an understanding that our Developer clients are focused on building quality products for their buyers, ACCU, Inc. is committed to providing homeowner association services to both the developer and the future community.

ACCU, Inc. will compile a community budget for the developer to present to their lender or to perspective buyers. We work closely with the developer, site maps, governing documents, etc. to construct a comprehensive budget. ACCU, Inc. is vastly knowledgeable in the management of single family, multi-family, and mixed use properties. Our experience allows us to develop and maintain budgets that are of a complex nature. Such as, addressing expense apportionment and allocated interests issues.

ACCU, Inc. will review and assist in establishment of governing documents, including architectural guidelines, rules and regulations and required local and state processes.

Our communication tools are paramount in allowing ACCU, Inc. to communicate with the owners via email, text message, or telephone and provide us a leading edge in communicating with the ownership in a community. These tools allow ACCU, Inc. to convey new construction information, such as road closures, water turn off, or any pertinent information an owner may need immediate information on. This helps fabricate a good relationship between owners, management, and the developer.

During the transition of the community to owner control, we will assist in training homeowner Board members, creating and training committees, prepare transition meeting, facilitate transition audit and transition common elements and amenities between land developer and the association.

Please email or call James Phifer for an appointment to discuss your development project.

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