HOA Community Management Services

Community association management encompasses the administration and oversight of homeowners associations (HOAs) within residential communities. It includes a wide range of responsibilities, including financial management, maintenance coordination, rule enforcement, and fostering a sense of unity among residents. ACCU, Inc. excels in providing comprehensive community association management services in Colorado, particularly within the Denver metro area. Let us help your neighborhood thrive!

Community Association Management

We understand Colorado.

At ACCU, Inc., we tailor our community association management services to provide you with EXACTLY what you need to manage your condominium, townhome, or single-family homeowner association.

Local Legislation & Compliance

When it comes to community association management, adhering to all applicable regulations is paramount. ACCU, Inc. recognizes the importance of abiding by the ever-evolving legal framework governing HOAs. 

Our dedicated team possesses a profound understanding of Denver’s local legislation, as well as of state and federal regulations, and we utilize this knowledge to guide clients through the complexities of compliance. From zoning laws to property codes, we will meticulously ensure that every aspect of your community's operations meets the requirements set forth by the relevant authorities. With ACCU, Inc. by your side, your HOA can confidently navigate the regulatory maze, avoiding potential pitfalls and fostering a secure and thriving living environment for all residents.

Unparalleled Service & Experience 

Our Community Association Managers have earned the highest praise for their timely and caring response to homeowners and boards of directors alike. If you turn to ACCU, Inc., you can be sure your neighborhood is in good hands because we have more than 250 years of combined experience in HOA community management.

A Reputation of Excellence 

Our management team has earned the reputation of being honest and reputable. To ACCU’s even greater credit, the owner and CEO, David Phifer, personally manages associations, making him aware of the growing needs and concerns of the rapidly expanding Denver metro area.

A Solution for Any Size Association 

Currently, we provide community association management services for roughly 100 HOAs across Colorado. Our portfolio includes a blend of condominiums, townhomes, single-family home communities, and planned unit developments.

Community Engagement and Events 

Vibrant communities are built on strong relationships and shared experiences. That’s why we go beyond the standard practices to curate meaningful events and initiatives that bring neighbors together, creating a tapestry of shared memories and connections. From neighborhood picnics that echo with laughter to workshops that empower residents, our dedication to nurturing a sense of unity is ingrained in everything we do.

Dedicated to you

We offer full-scale community association management services complete with onsite inspections for CC&R compliance, correspondence, maintenance bids, and supervision. If you’re looking for accounting services only, we can provide that too! 

The direct responsibility for each property is assigned to a highly qualified and experienced Community Association Property Manager, who will implement the Association’s Management Plan in accordance with policies and procedures previously established by the HOA. 

Direct interoffice communication, established policies and procedures, and qualified personnel are the keys to ACCU, Inc.’s management success record. Consequently, critical attention to detail is not lost through a time-consuming search for knowledge or answers.

Resident communication is also a priority. Effective resident communication forms the bedrock of successful community association management. Transparent and open lines of communication not only ensure residents are informed but also empower them to actively participate in shaping the collective well-being of their community.

Fiscal Management

Fiscal management is a core component of HOA community management. Let us prepare an annual operating budget that reflects expected operations for each month. This budget will include recurring receipts and operating disbursements. You can then use it for comparison with actual monthly incomes and expenditures. We will also prepare the reserve budget projection for capital expenditures on items that only recur periodically, like painting and carpeting, for common areas. Finally, we can prepare a monthly operating cash position and reserve account statements as part of our financial services.

Budget Analysis

We can analyze and compare operating receipts and disbursements against the Board’s approved budget.



Our team will collect maintenance fees, lease fees, rental payments, and special assessments, deposit them in checking, savings, and other income-producing accounts on behalf of the association, and maintain comprehensive records thereof.


No Joint Accounts

We will establish individual checking and reserve accounts. There are no joint homeowner accounts or co-mingling of funds. Each association is established as a separate entity under our watchful eye.


Delinquency Notices

We will mail notices of delinquency to any owners in arrears and exert every reasonable effort to collect delinquent accounts, including tickler notices, letters, telephone calls, and personal contact. In the event of failure to collect delinquent accounts, and at the direction of the Board, we will pursue payment through attorneys, collection agencies, or any other authorized method.


Invoice Transparency

Your Community Association Property Manager will examine routine expense invoices for accuracy and then clear them for payment. We will also prepare yearly income tax forms, disburse payments for taxes, and file city, state, and federal reports as required. Finally, we will prepare year-end statements of operation for the association.


Financial Reporting & Audits

When it comes to HOA community management, sound financial stewardship is non-negotiable. That’s why we’re committed to ensuring complete transparency in financial matters. 


We will meticulously maintain accurate records, offering clear insights into the financial health of your HOA. Our comprehensive financial reporting provides a detailed overview of income, expenses, reserves, and budget allocations. Additionally, to uphold the highest standards of accountability, we conduct rigorous financial audits, scrutinizing every aspect of your HOA's financial activities. This unwavering commitment to financial integrity allows HOA boards and residents alike to trust in the responsible management of community funds, fostering confidence and peace of mind.


Physical Management


As part of our community association management services, we will take the hassle out of running your HOA like a well-oiled machine. That means we will recruit, train, and supervise all onsite employees where required.



We assume full responsibility for the maintenance and control of all common areas, capital improvements, and equipment. We will maintain the property meticulously and oversee repairs to reflect owner pride and ensure higher property values, subject to available funds.


Supervisory Services

Let our strategic team manage all contracts on the Board’s behalf. We will supervise all essential vendors, including those that provide trash removal, HVAC maintenance, landscaping, street maintenance, and other services.


Data Analysis

We will compile, assemble, and analyze data so the Board can make informed decisions about running the HOA.


Bids & Inspection

Our team can prepare specifications and call bids for major improvement projects. We will issue contracts, coordinate work, and handle inspections to ensure the work is performed according to your HOA’s specifications and standards.


Association Interest

Our homeowners association management professionals are equipped to perform minor projects with diligence and economy in the association’s best interest.


Safety & Security Measures

We will take proactive measures to safeguard your community, employing a multi-faceted approach that instills a sense of peace and protection. From implementing state-of-the-art security systems and surveillance to collaborating with local law enforcement, we ensure that residents feel secure within their homes. Additionally, we work closely with HOA boards to establish and enforce safety protocols, ensuring that common areas are well-lit and maintained, and emergency response plans are in place.


Administrative Management

Our community association management office will exercise close supervision over the site employees and vendors to ensure proper operational maintenance and resident relationships.

Contact Inspections

We will review contractual services for building maintenance to ensure satisfactory performance and prepare any necessary compliance letters for the vendors.


Board Meetings

Our team can prepare notices of meetings, proxies, and agendas for the board meetings and then attend those sessions to ensure we remain in the know regarding all community updates and agreements.



We assist in the election of officers and the tabulation of votes. We can also run board meetings to elect officers and committee members for various association functions.


Document Filing

We can collect, organize, and maintain complete files for all association(s). This includes legal documents like public reports, declarations, CC & R’s, insurance policies, owners lists, correspondences, house and pool rules, blueprints, and specifications.


Newsletter Distribution

We will distribute newsletters as needed for disseminating information and instructions to the residents of your community.


Concern Resolution

Let us assist in resolving owner concerns as they pertain to the association’s common elements, governing documents, and rules and regulations. Our adept conflict resolution strategies encourage open dialogue, ensuring that disagreements are addressed in a constructive and fair manner, fostering a cohesive neighborhood where everyone's voice is heard.


Employment Guidelines

We will supervise the hours and working conditions of all employed personnel to ensure compliance with all relevant employment laws.


Rules & Regulations

We can administer the community’s rules and regulations to ensure that all residents, owners, and tenants conform to the HOA’s policies. This will promote a pleasant and harmonious relationship within the community at all times.


Insurance Guidance

Our team will obtain and analyze bids for insurance coverage specified in the governing documents. We can also recommend modifications or additional coverage, prepare claims when required, and follow up on payment.


Board Representatives

Our seasoned team can act as board representatives on your community’s behalf when negotiating settlements.


Taxes and Regulations

We will act as a liaison for the association during negotiations or disputes with local, state, or federal tax agencies and regulatory bodies.


Board Guidance

Attend Board of Directors meetings, as necessary, to provide data and answer questions pertaining to financial statements, projects to be considered, etc.


Annual Notices

We will prepare and distribute annual meeting notices, proxies, and agendas for board meetings.


24/7 Assistances

Our Community Association Managers assist homeowners 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, when emergencies arise.


Technology & Software Integration

We empower HOAs to thrive in the digital age by incorporating cutting-edge technology and software integration. By seamlessly integrating innovative tools, we streamline communication, financial management, and administrative tasks, enabling communities to adapt to enhance overall efficiency and resident satisfaction.


Key Differences Between Homeowners Association Management and Traditional Property Management

While homeowners association (HOA) management and traditional property management share certain aspects, they are distinct in their focus and scope. HOA management revolves around fostering vibrant communities by overseeing shared spaces, facilitating engagement, and upholding community guidelines. Traditional property management, on the other hand, primarily deals with individual properties and the landlord-tenant relationship. Let’s take a closer look at some of the biggest differences between the two:

1. Community Focus vs. Individual Property:

HOA management centers on the collective well-being of a community, encompassing shared amenities, landscaping, and neighborhood cohesion. Traditional property management, however, concentrates on the maintenance and rental of individual units.

2. Community Engagement vs. Tenant Relations:

HOA management places a strong emphasis on creating a sense of unity among residents through events, communication, and shared decision-making. In contrast, traditional property management typically focuses on tenant relations, lease agreements, and resolving individual property-related concerns.

3. Guideline Enforcement vs. Maintenance:

ACCU, Inc. offers comprehensive support to your association in various areas. From facilitating meetings and conducting inspections to reviewing budgets and providing accounting services, our consultants bring a wide range of expertise to meet your association's needs.

4. Shared Expenses vs. Individual Rents:

HOAs collect fees from residents to fund shared expenses like landscaping, security, and amenities, whereas traditional property management revolves around collecting rent and managing individual financial transactions.

5. Board Governance vs. Landlord Authority:

HOA management often involves collaborating with an elected board of residents to make community decisions. In traditional property management, the property manager holds authority over decisions related to the individual property.

At ACCU, Inc., we specialize in providing comprehensive HOA management services that cater to the unique needs of communities in the Denver metro area and throughout Colorado. Our expertise in community-focused management sets us apart, ensuring that your neighborhood thrives as a unified, well-maintained, and harmonious environment.

Strategies for Enhancing Resident Engagement in HOA Community Management

Building a strong sense of community requires active resident engagement and participation. At ACCU, Inc., we believe that fostering connections among residents contributes to a thriving and harmonious neighborhood. Here are key strategies we employ to enhance resident engagement in HOA community management:

1. Open Channels of Communication:

Establish transparent lines of communication through regular newsletters, community websites, and social media platforms. This encourages residents to stay informed about important updates, events, and initiatives.

2. Interactive Events:

Organize diverse events that cater to the interests of various age groups and demographics within the community. From seasonal gatherings to workshops and cultural celebrations, these events provide opportunities for neighbors to connect and bond.

3. Resident Feedback:

Encourage residents to voice their opinions and ideas. Conduct surveys, town hall meetings, or suggestion boxes to involve them in decisions that affect the community's well-being.

4. Committees and Clubs:

Create specialized committees or interest-based clubs that allow residents to contribute their skills and passions to the community. These groups promote collaboration and a sense of ownership.

5. Online Platforms:

Utilize digital platforms for forums, discussion boards, and resident directories. This modern approach facilitates easy communication and networking among neighbors.

6. Educational Workshops:

Host workshops on topics like financial management, sustainable living, and neighborhood security. These sessions not only educate residents but also encourage their involvement in community initiatives.

7. Volunteer Opportunities:

Provide residents with opportunities to volunteer for community projects, events, and maintenance efforts. This hands-on involvement fosters a sense of pride and shared responsibility.

8. Green Spaces and Amenities:

Enhance common areas, parks, and amenities to create inviting spaces where residents can interact naturally, leading to spontaneous social connections.

9. Digital Engagement:

Embrace technology to keep residents engaged remotely, whether through virtual events, webinars, or community discussion platforms.

10. Recognition and Appreciation:

Acknowledge and celebrate resident contributions through awards, spotlight features, or appreciation events, fostering a culture of recognition and camaraderie.


At ACCU, Inc., our approach to HOA community management revolves around these engagement strategies. By nurturing a connected and active resident community, we ensure that neighborhoods in the Denver metro area and beyond flourish as inclusive and vibrant places to call home.

Training and Development for Board Members in Community Association Management

Effective community association management hinges on the expertise and dedication of its board members. ACCU, Inc. is committed to equipping board members with the knowledge and skills needed to make informed decisions that shape the success of their neighborhoods. Our comprehensive training and development programs are designed to empower board members in all aspects of community management.

Tailored Education

We understand that each board member brings a unique perspective and level of experience to the table. Our training programs are tailored to cater to both newcomers and seasoned members, ensuring that everyone is equipped with the tools they need to contribute effectively.


Key Focus Areas

Legal Understanding

With extensive industry experience, ACCU, Inc. brings a wealth of expertise in HOA and community management. Our professionals are well-versed in the unique intricacies of managing associations in Aurora and stay updated with the latest industry trends and regulations.

Financial Acumen

Understanding the financial intricacies of an HOA is essential for maintaining fiscal health. We provide insights into budgeting, reserve planning, fee collection, and responsible financial management.

Conflict Resolution

Community management can involve delicate interpersonal dynamics. Our training equips board members with conflict resolution techniques, fostering productive discussions and consensus-building.

Leadership and Governance

Effective leadership and governance are pivotal to a community's success. We offer guidance on decision-making processes, effective communication, and maintaining transparency.

Strategic Planning

Boards play a crucial role in shaping a community's future. Our programs help members develop strategic plans that align with the community's vision and long-term goals.

Maintenance and Property Management

Understanding property maintenance and management practices is essential. We provide insights into upkeep strategies, vendor management, and maintaining the physical integrity of the community.

Continuous Learning Journey

Community association management is a dynamic field, and we believe in fostering a culture of continuous learning. Our ongoing development initiatives ensure board members stay updated on industry trends and best practices.

Expert Resources

ACCU, Inc. collaborates with industry experts, legal professionals, and seasoned community managers to deliver the most relevant and insightful training content.

By investing in the training and development of board members, ACCU, Inc. elevates the collective expertise of your community leadership. This dedication to knowledge empowers board members to make impactful decisions that shape the trajectory of your neighborhood, fostering a thriving and cohesive living environment for all residents.

Message From The President

Online Homeowner Association Services (HOA)

We’re excited to offer online HOA Services and consider them valuable tools for communication and productivity for Boards, Committees, and Residents.

  • Our online services help you to instantly, efficiently, and economically.

  • Distribute Association information and documents.

  • Target and send group emails and mailings.

  • Collect Resident information and requests.

  • Collect assessment payments and fees.

  • Support Resident self-service and access to information.

  • Optimize use of volunteer time and resources.

  • Provide education on procedures and rules.

  • Send blast emails in case of emergencies.

We hope you’ll take advantage of this HOA service. If you have any questions or would like further information, please contact your Association’s Manager.

James Phifer


Sam Sala
Sam Sala
13 April 2023
Carol returned my call quickly and handled my concern quickly and efficiently. She has assisted me before and has always been extremely helpful and professional. Thanks!
lena pogosian
lena pogosian
4 April 2023
Our HOA changed over to this comp. needed help to get pmnts transferred over. I spoke to Daisy Zamora who was extremely pleasant and very helpful. got everything taken care of in minutes. I'm very pleased in how easy this was comparing to the previous comp. we were with.
Amy B
Amy B
8 March 2023
Carol was extremely helpful untangling a mess left by our previous management company. Great patience and strong communication which was greatly appreciated!
Tracine Stine
Tracine Stine
6 March 2023
Carol was very helpful and returned my call within an hour of my message! She got my questions answered in the same call, so we could get my payment plan started for some repairs I had to my condo. Also, Kami and ACCU have all been very helpful in this scary time after my condo was the cause of a serious water leak to the property, and I was panicked. They have worked with me from the beginning and I couldn't be more pleased. Thank you to the team, and Carol was a wonderful extension of that.
Leigh Wilson
Leigh Wilson
27 February 2023
I had a question about a bill. I wrote ACCU. Within 15 minutes Carol Lovato called me with and answer, instead of writing. I was very please with the prompt response!
Michael Watson
Michael Watson
2 February 2023
Carol was exceptionally helpful in determining the cause of an issue from a previous management firm, and worked to correct it with minimal impact. This is the way to start a new relationship with clients/communities.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. How do community association management services benefit homeowners?

    Community association management services, like those provided by ACCU, Inc., streamline administrative tasks, ensure property maintenance, organize engaging events, and provide financial transparency, creating a harmonious living environment and enhancing property values.

  • 2. What fees do homeowners typically pay to an HOA?

    Homeowners typically pay regular assessments or dues to their HOA. These fees contribute to shared expenses like landscaping, security, amenities maintenance, and administrative costs. Assessments vary based on the community's needs and the amenities it offers.

  • 3. How does the HOA handle rule enforcement and dispute resolution?

    HOAs enforce rules outlined in community bylaws and governing documents. This may involve notifying residents of violations and offering a period to rectify them. In case of disputes, HOAs often have established procedures for residents to address concerns, which may involve communication, mediation, or board involvement.

  • 4. Can I have a say in my HOA's decisions as a resident?

    Absolutely. HOAs encourage resident involvement and input. Residents can attend board meetings, join committees, and participate in community events. Many HOAs also have an elected board of directors comprising homeowners who make decisions on behalf of the community. Engaging in these opportunities allows residents to contribute to the betterment of their neighborhood.


    Have more questions about HOA community management? Reach out to ACCU, Inc. Our experts are here to provide comprehensive answers tailored to your community's needs.

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