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Community Association Management

We understand Colorado

ACCU, Inc. tailors our management services to provide you with EXACTLY what you need to manage your Condominium, Townhome, or Single Family Homeowner Association.

We pride ourselves on the fact that our Company continually obtains up-to-date information on Local, State, and Federal Legislation, as well as City and County Code changes affecting your neighborhood and property.

Unparalleled Service & Experience

Our Community Association Managers have earned the highest praise for their timely and caring response to Homeowners, and Boards of Directors alike; not to mention that our Management team has a combined experience of more than 250 years in the Association Management Industry.

A Reputation of Excellence

ACCU, Inc. and their Management Team have earned the reputation of being an honest and reputable Company. To ACCU’s even greater credit, the Owner and CEO, David Phifer personally manages Associations, making him aware of the growing needs and concerns of the rapidly expanding Denver-Metro area.

We Have a Solution For Any Size Association

ACCU, Inc.’s management portfolio consists of approximately 100 communities located in Colorado. Our Associations are a mix of Condominiums, Townhomes, Single Family Communities, and Planned Unit Developments.

Dedicated to you

We offer full-scale Management Services complete with onsite inspections for CC&R compliance, correspondence, maintenance bid and supervision. If you’re looking for accounting services only, we can provide that too! Direct responsibility for each property is assigned to a highly qualified, experienced Community Association Property Manager who will implement the Association’s Management Plan in accordance with policies and procedures previously established by the Association. Direct interoffice communication, established policies and procedures, and qualified personnel are the keys to ACCU, Inc.’s management success record. Consequently, the critical attention to detail is not lost through a time-consuming search for knowledge or answers.

Fiscal Management

ACCU, Inc. will prepare an Annual Operating Budget detailed to reflect expected operations for each month. This budget is established to show expected recurring receipts and operating disbursements. It is further used for comparison with actual monthly income and expenditure. We will also prepare the reserve budget projection for capital expenditures on items recurring only periodically (i.e. painting, carpeting, etc.) for common elements. We will prepare a monthly operating cash position, and reserve account statements.

Budget Analysis

Analyze and compare operating receipts and disbursements against the Board approved budget.



Collect maintenance fees, lease fees, rental payments, and special assessments, deposit them in checking, savings and other income producing accounts on behalf of the association, and maintain comprehensive records thereof.


No Joint Accounts

We will establish individual checking and reserve accounts. There are no joint homeowner accounts or co-mingling of funds. Each Association is established as a separate entity.


Delinquency Notices

Mail notices of delinquency to any owners in arrears, and we will exert every reasonable effort to collect delinquent accounts including tickler notices, letters, telephone calls, and personal contact. In the event of failure to collect delinquent accounts, and at the direction of the Board, we will pursue payment through attorneys, collection agencies, or any other Board authorized method.


Invoice Transparency

Examine routine expense invoices for accuracy and clear for payment. Prepare yearly income tax forms, disburse payment for taxes, and file City, State, and Federal reports as required. Prepare year-end statement of operation for association.


Physical Management


ACCU, Inc. will select, train, and supervise all onsite employees where required.



Assume full responsibility for maintenance and control of common areas, improvement, and equipment. We will maintain the property meticulously and oversee repairs, to reflect owner pride and insure high property values, subject to available funds.


Supervise Services

Enter into contracts and supervise services for insurance, elevator(s), trash removal, HVAC maintenance, landscape, street maintenance etc.


Data Analysis

Compile, assemble, and analyze data.


Bids & Inspection

Prepare specifications and call bids for major improvement projects. ACCU, Inc will analyze
and compare bids, issue contracts, coordinate work, and maintain close inspection to insure
that work is performed according to specification.


Association Interest

Perform minor projects with diligence and economy in the association’s best interest.


Administrative Management

Through our Community Association Management Office we will exercise close supervision over the site employees, if required, to insure proper operational maintenance and resident relationships.

Contact Inspections

Inspect contractual services for building maintenance to insure satisfactory performance and prepare any necessary compliance letters to the vendors.


Board Meetings

Prepare notices of meetings, proxies, and agendas for the Board Meetings, and attend those board meetings.



Assist in the election of officers and the tabulation of votes; assist in the meetings of the Board to elect officers and committee members for various association functions


Document Filing

Collect, organize, and maintain complete files for all association(s) of legal documents including public reports, Declarations, CC & R’s, insurance policies, owners list, correspondence, house and pool rules, blue prints and specifications, etc.


Newsletter Distribution

Distribute newsletters as needed for disseminating information and instructions.


Concern Resolution

Assist in resolving owner concrens as they pertain to the Association common elements, governing documents and rules and regulations.


Employment Guidelines

Supervise hours and working conditions of employed personnel to insure compliance with all employment laws.


Rules & Regulations

Administer the Community Rules & Regulations to insure that all residents, owners, and tenants conform to the Association policies; promoting a pleasant and harmonious relationship within the Community at all times.


Insurance Guidance

Obtain and analyze bids for insurance coverage specified in the Governing Documents; recommend modifications or additional coverage, prepare claims when required,and follow up on payment.


Board Representatives

We will act as Board representative in negotiating settlements.


Taxes and Regulations

Act as liaison for the Association in negotiations or disputes with Local, Federal, or State taxing agencies or regulatory bodies.


Board Guidance

Attend Board of Directors meetings, as necessary, to provide data and answer questions pertaining to financial statements, projects to be considered, etc.


Annual Notices

Prepare and distribute Annual Meeting notices, proxies, and agendas for Board meetings.


24/7 Assistances

Community Association Managers assist homeowners, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with emergencies.


Message From The President

Online Homeowner Association Services (HOA)

We’re excited to offer online HOA Services and consider them valuable tools for communication and productivity for Boards, Committees, and Residents.

  • Our online services help you to instantly, efficiently, and economically.

  • Distribute Association information and documents.

  • Target and send group emails and mailings.

  • Collect Resident information and requests.

  • Collect assessment payments and fees.

  • Support Resident self-service and access to information.

  • Optimize use of volunteer time and resources.

  • Provide education on procedures and rules.

  • Send blast emails in case of emergencies.

We hope you’ll take advantage of this HOA service. If you have any questions or would like further information, please contact your Association’s Manager.

James Phifer

We’re excited about offering online HOA services and consider the service a valuable amenity for HOA.