There are Community Association Management Companies out there

that will tell you…

Our cap is 6

Our cap is 5
our cap is 4
and there’s others that will tell you how our managers
manage anywhere between 6-12 community associations.
What’s the difference?
First thing to take into consideration is
how much support does one company give a manager over another?
At ACCU, accounting processes are 100% GAP compliant.
Each manager for their communities has
an AP clerk
and AR clerk
a bookkeeper— that puts together financials
A banking specialist
A legal liaison following all the documents
as it relates to delinquencies
And a controller—who oversees the whole process.
There are other management companies out there that
require their managers to take over a certain portion of the accounting responsibilities,
so they can only manage about six communities,
but for that management company, they don’t have to hire additional staff.
In our model managers are compensated a percentage based on their portfolio value.
There are managers that have been in Community Association Management
for 20 years and they have tremendous skill sets,
the competency
and the capacity
to be able to take on additional associations
to make an income that they want to make.
Some Association Management Companies will offer a flat salary to their manager.
They could either manage 2
or they can manage 20 communities
and without any additional compensation to them as the manager.
So all questions that you’re going to want to take into consideration
when you ask the question
“How many associations does your manager manage?”
How much support do they have?
Do they have an admin?
They have full accounting team.
Are they doing any accounting work