Welcome to ACCU Inc.! 


Join us for a virtual stroll through our cutting-edge office environment, where we’ve cracked the code on post-Covid work culture. Working from home? Sure, it’s cozy, but we’ve transformed our office into a place you’ll never want to leave.

Step into our conference rooms, each one a masterpiece thanks to the creative touch of Amanda Phifer, our resident design guru. And hey, did we mention we snagged a spot among the top 200 privately owned companies in 2022? Yeah, we’re pretty thrilled about that.

Now, let’s head to the heart of our workspace: the collaboration area. It’s where ideas flow freely, fueled by endless cups of coffee and snacks from our fully stocked kitchen. Trust us, you’ll feel the energy pulsing through your screen.

Contact us if you’d like to come check out our office space and set up a meeting to see what ACCU Inc can do for you!