If you're going to have a hard time paying assessments,
be proactive!
If you live in Colorado,
if you are struggling or if you are out of work,
I make the highest recommendation that you call your HOA management company
and get on a payment plan
as soon as you can!
what does a payment plan do?
one: it stops you from being escalated to any type of collection agency
or Law Firm for additional Collections
and if a community is Using a tool that reports to the Credit Agencies, good and bad credit,
it will stop the credit reporting as well.
So the compassionate side of this is to try
and get out to every one of our community members
and let them know
if you're going to have a hard time paying assessments be proactive!
we will do, what is necessary to try and help you through this process.
And that is one tool that is already in effect right now
as the law stands that can help you through this process.
I think six months is adequate time for us to get through this coronavirus situation
and back to business as usual.
I really hope that's the case.
if this continues to go beyond that—
which we really hope that is never going to happen.
We will continue to search for additional relief efforts
for our customers and our clients,
but for right now, I think that's probably the best case scenario
for every Community member that is going to struggle
whether you lost a job or this is going to affect your income.
or You're going to have a hard time paying your HOA assessments.
if you can pay your HOA assessments,
pay your HOA assessments!
It is a legal responsibility
in the governing documents, specifically the Declaration for your Association.
This is not going to be forgiven
and putting it out further
is only going to increase the monthly amount
that you will need to pay at some time in the future.
So I cannot stress enough how important it is to stay current with your assessment.
So it will keep your Association running and it will make sure that your
Association is Able to meet its Financial Obligations
to its contractors, contracts, service providers, Etc.
with that—
I'm going to go ahead and log off.
Again, My name is James phifer, president with accu
and I'll be coming out with as many updates as I can through this process.
So until next time
thank you!
coronavirus update.
I am still working from home
working remotely
came up to my office this afternoon
and set up a desk for both myself and my girlfriend to work from.
I'm not used to having a boss,
but I was not given an option.
On which side of the desk I wanted
I’m also not used to having a workmate
because the eating of the chips
as loudly as that's happening is not something I've become accustomed to my current position.

week two of work from home seems to be a struggle. I’m looking forward to getting back to my regular lifestyle.