All right.
So being back is very very exciting,
super cool.
Very motivated—
a lot of motivation going around in the office,
but let's not forget that it is
coming up on summertime right now
and wow the requests are coming in.
So everyone be kind to us
as we try to reintegrate work
and take on the workload of
potential pool openings.
A lot of phone calls regarding
"Why Aren’t pools open yet?”
Even got some negative reviews  on our ACCU site.
Which makes no sense.
had to turn around and post that pools
are not allowed to be open right now!
going to have a lot of architectural requests come through.
A lot of people are bored.
They're still home.
Maybe their work is not allowing them to reintegrate yet.
A lot of home projects going on.
So there's a lot of pressure for us
as HOA management companies
to service you!
We're doing our best to do that,
but please
be kind, be patient, thanks!