Today we're going to talk Zoom.
This has been
a conversation
that's been coming up quite a bit lately.
Zoom is a great tool
to be used
those of us that were not comfortable with that type of technology
and have forced to get there,
I think are pretty proud of themselves
on the zoom meetings.
They've really enjoyed being on it.
what we have seen as management companies
is a higher attendance of people
logging in and watching the meeting
and participating.
Because they're able to do it from the comfort of their own home.
Not only are we seeing a higher attendance,
We're also noticing that
we as management companies
need to have a certain level of
to set the stage,
do the appropriate housekeeping
when we are setting up
what the expectation should be.
There are a lot of different platforms out there
Google Hangouts.
There's go to meeting their Zoom
etc. etc.
etc. etc. etc.
We use zoom.
As a management company
when you have the number of attendees that we've been seeing,
there’s some real important
things to set up the meeting
and I like to use my friend
John Mancuso
who runs
the association manager boot camp here.
we do
he always goes through
and talks about exactly
what the expectations are
and walks through exactly how to do it.
And I think it should be incumbent
upon us as managers to do the same thing
in every meeting
no matter how redundant it gets
and this is what I mean—
if you have the ability
to start the meeting
with everybody on mute,
I would highly recommend that!
the amount of noise
and background noise
and Echoes that you can hear
can really sabotage a meeting
and you don't want that.
So starting everybody on mute.
One of the things that I like to do,
is to talk to all the residents
about how they're going to participate right?
There's a raise hand feature.
There's features where
somebody can give
a thumbs up
thumbs down.
So you're going to have to have a moderator
and it's really important
that a moderator be there screening
the text portion
of the meeting
if somebody writes in a question.
We need to make sure that we
are at least responding to it
and another management company owner
here in Colorado
on a call that I had this afternoon
mentioned something I thought was amazing.
His name is Chris Crigler
give him the credit.
He puts on a post
that says,
“whatever is in as text, we will get back to you”.
and that's a way to be able to have that meeting
if a moderator is not available.
But if there is one available—super important
because the one thing that homeowners want
is to be heard
and to be communicated with
the appropriate way.
That's what we're doing.
We're trying to make sure
that each one of our homeowners are heard
and that they're able
to come to these board meetings
and get the questions out on the table
and get answers for their communities.
So it's pretty
fortunate that our technology has come so far
when this event occurred.
Being majority cloud-based—
We use RingCentral for our phones.
We have Vantaca
for our management software system.
We have Office 365
and we're using teams
Etc. Etc.
I'm going to sign off.
Can't wait to bring you more education
and content here in the very near future
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until next time,
James Phifer—
and I look forward to talking to you soon.
I am just not on my game today.