ACCU, Inc. is always recommending to our Boards to set up an email address other than the email addresses they use for personal or business.  Imagine that you are on the Board, and providing a volunteer service for your community association.  Your Board of Directors and property manager are emailing regarding a continued violation in a community, and that member who is in violation files a lawsuit against the Board for discrimination.

Suddenly you receive a court order to allow a third party to go through your personal or work email during discovery in search of information that relates to the case.  Not only can that add personal exposure, it could land you in trouble with your boss.

Upon being elected to the Board of a Community Association we would recommend creating a new email account that is used for purposes of HOA business only.  This process does not need to be overcomplicated and can be done using free Google / Yahoo accounts.   The Board may want to talk to their attorney about drafting a policy regarding email accounts.  I have seen Boards want to have the secretary pass their email account onto the newly elected secretary of the community so information can be researched.  Same for President, Vice President, Etc.

If you have questions regarding the use of email for HOA business, please contact one of our senior managers at 303-733-1121