we almost didn't let him in the office today.
ACCu is on lockdown.
No outside guests are allowed in at the moment.
We are currently doing all board meetings via conference call
or our video conferencing.
We're going to have to learn to adapt a little
bit through this process work from home,
especially if you're experiencing any type of symptoms
and that is why I am working from home
making sure that if any staff member is experiencing cold-like symptoms
that they remain home
and this goes out to everybody and all of our communities.
We need to work together as a community.
To really reduce the spread of this virus
and so we are going to be taking every protocol and precaution
AND we were going to be watching the CDC.
We're going to be cooperating to the best of our ability
and we're going to be protecting our clients and our staff members.
We really feel that this is important.
that everybody does their part including us.
And so we really ask our clients
for your forgiveness and understanding as we go through this process.
We do have emergency protocols that we are currently implementing
And going through, for  OUR company
and really try and figure out how to address this particular situation
a lot of what we are hearing from schools
around where we are is that they're going on spring break early
my assumption being as what I have looked at from the CDC so far is that
that will be extended.
I believe in the address that the president gave this afternoon,
I heard July  / August timeframes for some of this to settle down.
I just—
I don't know.
I'm not a health professional
but definitely trying to stay in front of this to the best of our abilities
so we can plan for the best service for our clients possible.
It's really important that we all work together
and we figure out how to maintain a level of service
for our clients and for our customers as we go through this process.
So this is really just the beginning of all of it.
I am not exactly sure how all of this is going to play out in the end.
But I just hope we stay safe,
We stay healthy and we'll work on this  together!
as always, let's do our best to treat each other with kindness!
aND IN our communities,
We really are asking for volunteers
people who might be younger and willing to do things like
go shopping for the elderly, maybe pick up prescriptions,
whatever it is that we can do to help one another that is really
what I hope for and all of our communities,
but if you do live in one of our communities and you're willing to volunteer,
please reach out to us directly 303-733-1121
or you can always send an email to [email protected]
Let us know the community live in, your name, the address of your unit or home
and we will put you down on the list as a willing volunteer.
So if we do have people reach out to us that are in need of Assistance or need of help,
we know where to go to.
again ,very much looking forward to working
with those Volunteers in our communities a
little bit closer in a time of need if you need anything make sure you reach out.
My name is James PHIFER
with ACCU INC.
AND I’LL be coming out withas many updates as possible to keep our clients informed.
Thank you so much.