Communicating with your Community Association Manager

ACCU, Inc. holds regular scheduled Board of Director training classes.  In our last class our Boards asked us to write a blog addressing how to communicate with the Community Association Management Company.

Times have changed in the last 5 years, and we have kept up with the times.  We understand it is convenient to have a single point of contact, being the property manager, but that does not provide good results for a community association. When a HOA manager is the single point of contact for the Board, vendors, homeowners, community members, etc. they spend their entire day in their chair in the office trying to respond to the 100’s of emails and voicemail they receive.

ACCU, Inc. staffed up!  We hired a director of client services, Liana Way, and two other Associate Managers who are all ACCU, Inc. trained to respond to the needs of community members.  Owners and Board members will know that Monday – Friday they will be able to get someone on the phone during office hours to answer questions submit work orders, architectural change requests, violations, etc.  No longer do community members have to wait on the HOA property manager to get back to them when they return to the office.  Our highly skilled staff members can get the process started immediately, and through the use of our powerful management software system, the community association manager will be notified of every task that is being processed on the community, through the alert & reporting system.

By owners using one of the following contact methods:


[email protected]

[email protected]

The information is filtered through a single point of contact to make certain that it is put into the management software system, so when it is time to run the reports for the Board of Directors meeting it is certain to be accurate.

We find that what most Boards are upset with is follow through.  What we have identified is that the old process is broken.  Take for instance the Board emails the manager to have an irrigation line repaired.  The manager gets the email on their phone and immediately emails the landscape contractor.  While this may seem efficient, the process doesn’t get recorded.

By using the ACCU, Inc. designed process the work order will be put into the management software system, then sent to the contractor, the alert shows up on the computer for the community manager, and our Boards can review the process anytime through Caliber Web, or we can run a full report for the Board meeting.  This allows the Board to see what was issued, what is pending, and what is completed.  No more hearing when asking the property manager, “did you get the irrigation line fixed?” And receiving the answer, “I’ll have to look into it and get back to you on that.”  The Board will be able to see in the meeting if the repair has been completed, or if it is still pending.

ACCU, Inc. processes brings a higher level of core competencies to the HOA, property management, community association management industry.

Chris Raulf
Written by James Phifer

James Phifer has been working in community association management since he was 16. Today, he is the President of ACCU, Inc. Check out his impressive-and humbling-career trajectory here. To send James a message, visit his Contact Form. View Profle