The dedicated services page was designed to empower local communities. If you live in an HOA in Lakewood, check it out to discover what ACCU, Inc. brings to the table.   

DENVER, Colorado, February 28, 2024 – ACCU, Inc., a leading name in Colorado property management, is thrilled to announce the launch of its latest webpage, which is dedicated to HOA property management in Lakewood, CO. Catering to the unique needs of Lakewood residents, the new page offers tailored services to enhance community living and ensure smooth operations for homeowner associations.

Lakewood, situated as the fifth-largest city in the Denver metro area, boasts stunning views of the Rocky Mountain foothills and offers a vibrant lifestyle with its downtown Belmar area. As a trusted company in the industry, ACCU, Inc. brings its expertise to Lakewood, upholding the same level of excellence and commitment that has characterized its services for four decades.

James Phifer, President of ACCU, Inc., expressed enthusiasm about the company’s Lakewood services page, stating, “We’re thrilled to remind residents of Lakewood of our comprehensive HOA management services. With our tailored approach and experienced team, we aim to enhance community living and alleviate the burdens of association management.”

The new webpage showcases ACCU’s extensive range of services, specifically tailored for communities in Lakewood. From timely updates on local, state, and federal legislation to personalized management plans, ACCU, Inc. ensures that each HOA it serves receives the attention and support it deserves. The page highlights the company’s commitment to transparency, ethical practices, and personalized service, reflecting its dedication to building lasting relationships within the Lakewood community.

“Our goal is to be the go-to partner for HOA property management in Lakewood, CO,” added Phifer. “With our unwavering commitment to excellence, we are confident we can meet the diverse needs of Lakewood residents and contribute to the overall well-being of their communities.”

ACCU’s management portfolio consists of approximately 100 plus communities throughout Colorado, with properties ranging in size from 29 to 1,000 units. The company’s scalable approach ensures that communities of any size receive the attention and support they require, with dedicated community association managers overseeing each property’s management plan.

The launch of the new page underscores ACCU’s dedication to providing accessible and transparent HOA management services to communities in Lakewood. Whether it’s full-scale management services, on-site inspections, or financial oversight, ACCU, Inc. is poised to be the trusted partner for HOA property management in Lakewood, CO. 


About ACCU, Inc.

ACCU, Inc. is a trusted HOA management company with decades of experience serving communities across Colorado. Driven by a passion for building thriving neighborhoods, ACCU offers comprehensive property management solutions tailored to the unique needs of homeowner associations. With an impressive track record of success, ACCU, Inc. continues to be a preferred partner for HOAs in Lakewood, CO, and beyond. To discuss your needs regarding property management in Lakewood, reach out today.