ACCU, Inc. was notified that the bank we have utilized to service our communities Mutual of Omaha bank has sold to CIT. What does that mean for our HOA’s? From what we are being told from those we have close relationships with in the orginaztion it means more stabiliity and products for our communities. The staff at Mutual of Omaha have been very enthousiastic about the purchase, and are encouraging us to feel the same.

ACCU, Inc. looked into the information on the bank and it appears they focus a lot on #culture and have been listed in Forbes magazine. It did not appear that they currently hold a HOA division, and therefore it is our assumption they will be taking all the staff members currently running the HOA porition of Mutual of Omaha Bank.

The announcement made Tuesday of this week came with a bit of concern, which was quickly put to rest by the wonderful staff that we have had the pleasure of working with at Mutual of Omaha Bank.

ACCU, Inc. will continue to support them through this transtion and into the future.