Harassment and the Fair Housing Act

Boards and community managers should be questioning if what they are doing could be considered harassment according to the new rules added to the Fair Housing Act.

Community Association Loans

Taking a loan is becoming an even more popular option for community associations.

Utilizing Personal or Work Email for HOA Business

ACCU, Inc. is always recommending to our Boards to set up an email address other than the email addresses they use for work or business

Denver Ordinance 16-1231 Annual Benchmark Requirements

ACCU, Inc. has now started to receive notices for our clients who need to comply with the new Denver Ordinance 16-1231, obligating multi-family buildings over 25,000 square feet to follow the procedures set forth by the City and County of Denver.
Melissa Stern

Congratulations to Melissa Stern

A big congratulations to Melissa Stern on 20 years of community…

CAI Updates Policy for CMCA Re-Certifications

The CAMICB Board of Commissioners updated their policy regarding what is approved education for CMCA re-certifications for community association managers.

Communicating with your Community Association Manager

ACCU, Inc. holds regular scheduled Board of Director training…

Key to Successful Living in a Homeowners Association

Most people report that they are satisfied with their organization. While there is no shortage of reports of dissatisfaction with community associations, most people report being satisfied with their group. According to Community Association Institute statistics, 64 percent of residents report being satisfied with their organization while 26 percent reported a neutral response. Ten percent of respondents in that same 2014 survey report dissatisfaction.

The Continuing Battle Over the Super Lien

By ensuring that the association has sufficient cash flow, the bank’s security is protected and is not diminishing in value.

Bipartisan Agreement on Construction Defects

The unintended impact on communities of this size (fifty or fewer units), is the cost of management fees.