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It’s heating up outside, and in the HOA world

All right. So being back is very very exciting, super cool. Very motivated— a lot of motivation going around in the office, but let’s not forget that it is coming up on summertime right now and wow the requests are coming in. So everyone be kind to us as we try to reintegrate work and […]

HOA Meetings through Zoom

Today we’re going to talk Zoom. This has been a conversation that’s been coming up quite a bit lately. Zoom is a great tool to be used those of us that were not comfortable with that type of technology and have forced to get there, I think are pretty proud of themselves on the zoom […]

COVID-19 & HOA Assessments

If you’re going to have a hard time paying assessments, be proactive! If you live in Colorado, if you are struggling or if you are out of work, I make the highest recommendation that you call your management company and get on a payment plan as soon as you can! what does a payment plan […]

COVID-19 Update 2

ITS That guy RIGHT THERE— we almost didn’t let him in the office today. ACCu is on lockdown. No outside guests are allowed in at the moment. We are currently doing all board meetings via conference call or our video conferencing. We’re going to have to learn to adapt a little bit through this process […]

How many HOA’s does your community manager manage?

accuinc.com There are Community Association Management Companies out there that will tell you… Our cap is 6 or Our cap is 5 or our cap is 4 and there’s others that will tell you how our managers manage anywhere between 6-12 community associations. What’s the difference? First thing to take into consideration is how much […]